Q: How do I register as a candidate with Equinox?

A: Registering with Equinox is easy. Simply send your CV to info@equinoxconsultancy.co.uk or call one of our friendly Consultants on 0203 897 1476 and they will talk you through the easy registration process.

Q: How long are the contracts you offer?

A: Contracts vary dependent on employer needs. On average an initial contract is for three months but in some cases these may be extended on a monthly or three monthly period. Your Consultant will always advise you of the tenure of the contract you are being considered for and keep you up to date with any tenure amendments.

Q: Do you have permanent vacancies?

A: We have a dedicated team who specialise in permanent recruitment in both Health and Social care. If you are considering a move to a permanent role or want to discuss the next step in your career, please contact us on email or telephone.

Q: What sort of roles do you offer?

A: We work with our clients in the health and social care sector and specialise in providing staffing solutions for them. Our clients often need high calibre Social Workers, Team Managers, Service Managers and permanent Nurses in organisations throughout the UK. We also work with clients to fill specialist roles within the health and social care sector both on an individual basis, and in the context of a wider team.

Q: Where are your jobs?

A: We have offices in Holborn, central London and Warrington, in the north east of England, but our clients are located right across the UK. We offer vacancies in towns, cities and rural locations.

Q: What will I be paid?

A: What you earn will vary between roles and is dependent on your skills and experience. Your consultant will be transparent about the rate or salary on offer for each role. Factors that may affect what you might be paid include:

  • The level of the role and whether you will have responsibility
  • The location of the role

Q: Do you offer a referral bonus or any additional financial benefits?

A: We offer a generous £250 referral bonus if you make a referral to us, which will be paid to you once your referred candidate has successfully completed 200 hours. Additionally, if you have found your own job and brought this exclusively to us, you will also receive a £250 bonus. 

Q: What is the hourly rate for a locum social worker?

A: What you earn is dependent on a number of factors and will vary between roles. Your Consultant will be transparent about the hourly rate or annual salary on offer for each role. Factors that may affect what you might be paid include:

  • How much experience you have in the speciality area and level of role
  • The location of the role
  • Any budgetary or contractual constraints the employer may have in place