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Making your next career move is always an important step. There will be new challenges, new colleagues, and lots to learn. Our consultants can help – they know their clients well and can provide advice as to the options you should consider.

When you register with Equinox, you’ll be in expert hands from the start.

You can be assured that your consultant is a sector specialist, with a long and in-depth knowledge, and well-established relationships within the hiring community. They will provide you with what you need to start a targeted job search, such as CV advice and interview preparation, but you can expect so much more when you come to Equinox.

Extensive networks

Our consultants have wide-ranging networks with employers and hiring managers. They will promote your candidacy and chat through opportunities before they’re advertised.

Negotiation Assistance

Always on your side, your consultant will help negotiate your offer, looking after your contract and other terms of employment. They have experience in negotiating with employers and can advocate on your behalf to ensure a fair and competitive offer.


Constructive feedback is a crucial part of any job search, and consultants will consider how you come across – on paper and in person. They will also follow up with you after interviews so that you can highlight your strengths and work on areas of improvement.


We know that looking for a job can be stressful – especially if your current role is challenging. Equinox consultants will do the heavy lifting for you. They will search for the best opportunities, speak to employers on your behalf, and coordinating interviews.


Equinox’s team of compliance specialists will be on-hand to conduct background checks, reference checks, and other pre-employment screening. It’s their priority to ensure your paperwork is in order, that you’re fully compliant and exactly where you need to be on the first day of your new role.

Your ideal role

Wherever you are in your career, Equinox Professional Consultancy is likely to have access to the opportunities which will help you make the next, important step.

Register with us

You can upload a copy of your CV here, or through the contact page. One of our consultants will follow up by phone to introduce themselves and explain how we can help you to secure your ideal position.

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