Head of Service

"I have worked as an Independent Social Worker for approximately eleven years. My reason for choosing Equinox was based solely on the knowledge that I would work with Tara as my recruitment consultant. After ten years of recruiting from agencies as a Manager, I knew that Tara would represent me effectively as a candidate when I was looking for work.

Over a number of years, I have developed an good working relationship with Tara, both of us believe that effective relationships are key to positive outcomes. It is with this in mind, that Tara has spent time understanding my role, skills,  interests and health and wellbeing to match me to the right contracts. In turn, this has enabled me to develop a good reputation which has seen me progress from Team Manager to Head of Service.

I was concerned when I commenced independent work that this would hinder my career progression, but this has not been affected, I believe this is also due to Tara’s reputation which is based on wanting the right service first time both for the candidates she represents as workers and the organisations she works alongside to ensure the staff she places contribute to an effective workforce."


Wendy, Head of Service