Introducing Tara Clayton

tara clayton

Introducing Tara Clayton


Tara uses her highly specialised skillset and holistic approach to tackle the complex problems her clients face every day.

Tara Clayton has spent the last decade working with clients in the social care sector. 

During that time, she has seen significant changes, particularly around the  complex challenges her clients are facing – along with funding cuts, staff shortages and service rationing. 

Tara’s main focus has always been to understand her clients and develop high quality relationships with them and the people they employ. She has developed a deep understanding of the problems they face and has always been keen to do what she can to help.

Fundamentally, Tara has an unrivalled network within the sector. The newly qualified social workers she placed at the start of their career are now making hiring decisions of their own and asking her to source the candidates they need. She continues to open doors and keep a firm eye on operational delivery and its outcomes. 

“The beauty of Equinox is that we’re able to get things moving for our clients, and take a detailed, objective view of outcomes.”

Launching Equinox has given Tara the opportunity to really analyse what she can offer clients. She has spent time working on her highly specialised skillset and holistic approach to solving problems. Using Equinox as a springboard, Tara offers mid-level management consultancy combined with executive search and recruitment solutions. The model is malleable and designed to flex to fit each client’s requirements.  

“Day to day workforce requirements can fluctuate frequently, and because of the pressures they face, social workers can be at risk of burnout,” says Tara. “As essential frontline workers, they’re obviously committed, but demand is only increasing, and inevitably some teams are facing massive backlogs.”

“Using Equinox allows our clients to take a breath and get things moving again,” Tara continues.  “We deliver solutions that allow us to resolve recruitment issues and workload problems.”

“More importantly, we’re in it for the long run. I’ve been working in this sector for 10 years. Yes, we want to come in and have an immediate impact, but we’re also determined that the positives will survive long after we’ve finished.”