Sustainable recruiting

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Sustainable Recruiting

Over the past decades qualified social workers have been in great demand, and their skills have become increasingly sought after.

At Equinox, we offer specialist consultancy based on really incisive human capital management.

By establishing the best possible workforce, keeping a close eye on agency/permanent staffing dynamics and optimising valued staff retention, we help our clients to stabilise and establish long-lasting outcome-led improvements to the service they provide.

Proactive sector mapping

We make sure our candidate pipeline starts before a social worker’s professional career begins. Tara Clayton, Regional Business Manager at Equinox spends much of her time talking to social workers at all stages of their development. Keeping close contact with the widest range of professions has proven to be a key element of our sustainable delivery model and the newly qualified social workers Tara placed at the start of their career are now making hiring decisions of their own.

Candidate pipeline to talent pool

Our candidate pipeline is not simply a pile of CVs. Instead, it’s a living, breathing resource that we nurture and sustain. Essentially, it’s a community of highly sought-after and talented individuals, and it’s our job to get to know them and engage with them.

Knowing who will respond well to which opportunity is the key to recruitment, and Equinox consultants pride themselves in immersing themselves in the sector, getting to know each client so they effectively represent them when speaking to candidates.

Our pipeline is a living, breathing resource that we nurture and sustain

We’re 100% committed to a sustainable source of supply – for the present and the future. We pride ourselves on being close to the workforce, understanding trends and adapting to market pressures. That’s crucial, of course, as our pipeline is there to ensure we can supply our clients with the skills and experience they need.

Letting Equinox create a talent pool on your behalf will mean you have access to workers at all levels. We can also provide team leaders with groups of staff ready to mobilise – all with a shared objective and able to provide support to your existing workforce.