Why Equinox?

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Why Equinox?

Equinox was founded in direct response to the challenges our clients face.

The quality of social care provision remains as important as ever, but the need to achieve cost efficiencies continues to grow. As a result, we offer cost-effective mid-level management consultancy combined with executive search and recruitment solutions.

We are able to open doors and keep a firm eye on outcomes. It’s a holistic, output-led strategy that allows us to resolve recruitment issues and workload problems, and provide organisational solutions to increase productivity and create efficiencies.

Delivering meaningful solutions

Equinox consultants have built their careers providing consultancy and recruitment solutions to the public sector and the NHS. They know that sustainable change is a priority for many of our clients. This means we add value from the very start of a relationship, helping to define and shape a strategy for solutions, manage milestones, and achieve efficient, timely and long-lasting outcomes.

Whether clients are considering large scale reorganisation or require standalone teams of agile, experienced professionals to support existing adults or children’s services, they will have access to our experience and skills and can rely on Equinox to be a trusted improvement partner.

Adult services

  • Diagnostics: Equinox’ senior lead will coordinate an objective assessment of each service.
  • ‘Right-size’ packages of care: A dedicated Equinox team will evaluate care and support plans.
  • A lasting legacy: We work with existing staff to assess productivity and conduct training needs analysis. Bringing a private sector approach, we capture real-time output and ensure improvements will continue after the conclusion of the work.

Children’s services

  • Assessment backlogs: Many of our partners have RAG rated their families, and those marked amber are becoming urgent. A team of Equinox specialists will manage this process. They will ensure statutory guidelines are met and ease the pressures felt by existing staff.
  • Discharge of care orders: Our specialist social workers review children’s care orders to check the care order is still fit for purpose and reassess the child’s placement.
  • Unallocated cases: Our experts will review these cases, prioritise the children most in need of support and intervention, and ensure that they can be moved through the system.
  • Domestic violence hub: An unfortunate consequence of lockdown is an increase in multiple complex domestic violence referrals. We can provide a dedicated taskforce to focus on referrals.


Contact Tara Clayton now to find out how Equinox can help you.

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Contact Tara Clayton now to find out how Equinox can help you.