Tara Clayton

tara clayton

Tara Clayton

Regional Director

Tara is a specialist recruiter with over 10 years’ experience in the social care sector. Her main focus is the quality of relationships she develops – both with candidates and clients. Listening to candidates and matching them to the clients she knows so well is one of her favourite aspects of the role.

During Tara’s time as a recruiter in the social care sector, the market has changed significantly. Many of her clients now face complex problems which require a different approach. By opening doors and keeping a firm eye on results, Tara’s output-led strategy leads to solutions which work for her clients and candidate alike. 

It is Tara’s ability to connect with people and follow through by fulfilling their business needs and requirements which has enriched her reputation in the sector. The newly qualified social workers she placed at the start of their career are now making hiring decisions of their own and asking Tara to source the candidates they need. And that, according to Tara, is it what it’s all about.

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