Equinox, a specialist organisation, was founded to collaborate with the public sector and the NHS, offering a comprehensive approach to demand management. We seamlessly integrate management consultancy with innovative organisational and executive search solutions.

We hold a unique position to identify the right skills to meet your specific needs. Collaborating with networks of professionals, we establish partnerships with existing services, providing interim support or managing complete standalone projects as required.


Partner with us to address specific projects or tasks with time-limited or work-specific requirements. Leverage our expertise to deliver workforce solutions across your services or department. Our solutions aim to enhance the skills of your workforce and create efficiencies in productivity and output.


Harness our workforce solutions expertise across your services or department. Our solutions are strategically crafted to upskill your workforce and foster efficiencies in productivity and output. Equinox consultants are dedicated to adding value to your services, boosting productivity, and leaving lasting efficiencies.

Our Executive Search division is dedicated to sourcing experienced senior candidates for the public sector. With years of experience working within the public sector, our teams possess a profound understanding of the skills shortage, enabling us to pinpoint candidates for those challenging yet crucial senior roles.

Equinox Partners

An exclusive division, Equinox Partners, is established to collaborate directly with children’s and adult services, focusing on specific projects or tasks that are often time-limited or work-specific.

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Equinox consultants collaborate closely with clients, designing and delivering bespoke and unique solutions tailored to their specific needs.

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Wherever you are in your career, Equinox Professional Consultancy is likely to have access to the opportunities which will help you make the next, important step.

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